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At Bone Ends, our story is as rich and flavorful as our Tex-Mex cuisine. Join us on a journey through time and taste as we share the history, passion, and people that have made Bone Ends a beloved part of the Whitehall community.


Rusty Morningstar graduated from The Culinary Institute of Michigan Baker College and opened his own catering business in 2010. As his popularity grew he opened a food truck to accompany the catering service.

Rusty developed a knack for preparing gourmet food that was high in quality and taste. Rusty realized that by serving delicious food quickly and at affordable prices he was filling a real need out in the marketplace.

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The food truck has served thousands of people while parked in city settings and at food events. Bone Ends has serviced many events over the years, including; festivals, weddings, dances, fund raisers, graduations, funerals, private cooking, cooking classes…etc. Bone Ends quality offerings have been recognized with several food awards from various groups throughout the local community and beyond.

​Due to it’s growing support and popularity Bone Ends opened its first restaurant based off its BBQ Tex-Mex style of cuisine in 2018. The restaurant is located in Whitehall at 604 Colby St. at the corner of Franklin St. The goal of the Company is to continue to develop avenues to reach as many people as possible with its unique gourmet food offerings, serving busy people with quick service and at affordable prices. As the Head Chef and Owner of the business, Rusty knows that his grandfather would be very proud.

The name of the Company, Bone Ends, came to represent his lifelong dream that was instilled in him by his grandfather, who always said that he would have named a restaurant Bone Ends because, “those were always the best bites”!

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