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           Restaurant Menu




Appetizers -


Tex N’ Mac     $3.79

Creamy Texas style macaroni and cheese with crumbled bacon cooked into the cheese sauce

Tex-Mex Black Beans     $2.99

Slow cooked black beans with Mexican seasonings (vegan )

Double Fried Spuds     $3.29

Hand cut french fries fried twice and served with ketchup or choice dipping sauce

Beercheese Nachos     $3.29

Home made tortilla chips topped with beercheese sauce, optional green onions & jalapenos

Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos     $7.69

Our beercheese nachos with bbq sauce, pulled pork, green onions, and jalapenos

Bone Ends Sundae     $7.69

Tex-Mex black beans, Tex N’ Mac, pulled pork, Kansas city bbq sauce, and southern slaw

BBQ Beercheese Poutine     $7.69

Our fries topped with bbq sauce, pulled pork, beercheese sauce, green onions, and jalapenos

CBR Poutine     $7.69

Our fries topped with ranch seasoned chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions, and ranch sauce 

Buffalo Poutine     $7.69

Our fries topped with boneless chicken, queso fresco, celery, green onions, buffalo & bleu cheese sauces

Mac Daddy Poutine     $9.99

Our fries topped with Tex N’ Mac, pulled beef, bbq sauce, bacon, and green onions

Pretty Bird Poutine     $7.69

Our fries cajun seasoned, cajun chicken, tex n' mac, green onions, and blackened ranch



ENTREES (comes with 1 side)


Tacos (2 tacos) - (choose original flour or blue corn shells)


Street Steak      $12.99

Grilled carne asada, melted queso fresco/cotija cheese, and roasted shishito pepper salsa

CBR     $10.49

Ranch seasoned chicken, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions, and ranch sauce

Buffalo Cauliflower (vegan)     $9.99

Roasted cauliflower tossed in buffalo seasoning, vegan coleslaw, and vegan guacamole sauce

Narwhal     $11.99

Fried beer battered cod filets, curtido slaw, and chipotle crema

Pumbaa     $10.49

Our pulled pork, melted cheddar cheese, streetcorn slaw, honey chipotle bbq sauce, and crisp onion straws

Thee Reuben     $11.99

Pastrami brisket, melted queso fresco cheese, diced pickles, green onions, Russian dressing, and honey bbq sauce served on pressed rye bread shells

Jamaican Jerk     $10.79

Jamaican Jerk seasoned chicken breast, pineapple cucumber salsa, and Jerk aioli 

Gringo Birria     $10.99

Cheese griddled tortilla shell with birria consommé, traditional Mexican pulled beef, diced red onions, and cilantro served

with a birria consommé 



Sandwiches -

Mojo Cubano or Zippy Cubano     $11.19

Smoked Deli Ham, pulled pork, melted swiss cheese, pickle slices, and Dijon mustard served on a toasted sub bun

Captain Jack     $11.19

Fried beer battered cod filet, house-made tartar sauce, lettuce, and pickles served on a toasted brioche bun

Pulled Hog     $9.99

Hand pulled pork, choice of barbecue sauce, and southern slaw served on a toasted onion roll

Tex-Mex French Dip     $11.99

Tex-Mex pulled beef, melted pepperjack cheese, crisp fried onion straws, and caramelized onion garlic aioli served on cuban

Bone Ends Chicken Sammich   (regular or spicy)  $11.49

Juicy fried chicken breast, provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, and bone ends house sauce served on a toasted brioche bun

Chickypea BBQ (vegan)     $9.99

Slow cooked chickpeas in our bbq rub blend, vegan southern slaw, and bbq sauce served on a toasted vegan roll

Diablo Po'Boy (shrimp or chicken)    $11.49

Diablo seasoned Fried shrimp or chicken, Diablo mayo, shredded lettuce mix, and tomatoes served on a toasted bun

Pastrami Reuben     $11.99

Smoked brisket pastrami, melted provolone cheese, southwestern sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on a toated swirled rye

The Hamilton     $11.99

Detroit sour dough bread, deli ham, over easy egg, french fries, and melted provolone and American cheeses

Specialties -

Ribs     $15.69

1/2 rack St. Louis style pork spare ribs; smoked with our secret rub and finished with our Memphis bbq sauce 

Ricki Bobby Burrito     $13.29 

Mexican pulled pork, streetcorn slaw, Mexican chili bbq sauce, and guacamole rolled into a large burrito

Mac "A" rrito    $12.99

Pulled beef, tex n' mac, kansas city bbq sauce, bacon, green onions, and crisp tortilla strips rolled into a large burrito

Vote For Pedro    $12.99

Fried shrimp, rice & black beans, queso fresco cheese, diced tomatoes, and ranchero sauce rolled into a large burrito

Sides -

Tex N’ Mac

Tex-Mex Black Beans

Southern Slaw

Double Fried Spuds


Salads -

Morningstar Chicken BBQ Salad     $11.49

Lettuce, crisp chicken breast, cheddar cheese, red onions, roasted corn & black beans, & tortilla strips dressed with bbq ranch

Asian Bovine Salad     $11.49

Lettuce, pulled beef, queso fresco cheese, carrots, red bell peppers, green onions, sesame seeds, and Asian BBQ sauce


Desserts -                                  

Broken Elephant     $4.29

Kids Menu -

Pulled Pork Sandwich     $6.99

Cheese Quesadilla     $5.99

Chicken Fingers     $5.99


vote for pedro
mac a rrito
ricki burrito
french dip
bone ends chicken
captain jack
pulled hog
buffalo cauliflower
gringo birria
thee reuben
st steak
pretty bird poutine
mac daddy
buffalo poutine
cbr poutine
bbq poutine
loaded nachos
broken elephant
morningstar chicken BBQ salad
asian bovine salad
kids pork
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